Argan Mask

Nourishing Mask with Argan Oil

Its intense hydrating, restoring and detangling action nourishes and restores elasticity to leave hair full of life, easy to comb and silky soft


Apply to damp hair, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off.

Art. Code:

1019958: 500 ML

1019959: 1000 ML

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Professional tips for an intensive regenerating treatment: a few drops of Seliàr Beauty Fluid added to the Seliàr Nourishing Mask will not only increase its hydrating, nourishing and glossing power but it will also create a protective film around the hair shaft that captures the active principles of the cream and protects the hair shaft from thermal heat during drying and or straightening.


Protects, illuminates, nourishes and strengthens hair. Rich in Vitamin E, natural

potent anti-oxidant, acts as an anti-age barrier protecting hair from free radicals.


Effective nourishing and

restructuring properties, restore body and weightless strength with incredible texture and brilliance.


Known for its miraculous smoothing properties, leaving hair silky soft and

full of shine.

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