Charcoal Conditioner 2‑Phase Leave‑In

Bi-Phase Charcoal Conditioner

Ideal For Fine Hair

Enriched with Charcoal, with purifying properties, and with 9 revitalizing Plant Extracts, detangles and conditions stressed and treated hair without weighing it down.

Ideal for fine hair. It detangles and conditions stressed and treated hair. Studied to enhance the lightness of the hair. It leaves the hair free to move. It does not weight the hair down.


After shampooing, shake and spray on the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Massage and comb without rinsing.

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1023833: 200 ML

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Used since the ancient times for its purifying and detoxifying properties for the skin.

It removes impurity, oil and build-up caused by polluting and stress factors. Stressed and treated hair recovers its originally pure, vital, soft and shiny condition.


Protective moisturisers

• Neem

• Black cumin

• Baobab


Energizing properties

• Mango

• Papaya

• Pineapple


Purifying properties

• Nettle

• Sage

• Achillea



For stressed and treated hair. Fine hair.

1. CLEANSING – Use Charcoal Shampoo to clean and remove residues. Ideal for scalp and hair stressed by chemical treatment and external agentse and impurities. Apply on damp hair, massage and then rinse. It makes hair vital, soft and shiny.

2. CONDITIONING – Then use the Charcoal Conditioner 2-Phase Leave-In. Shake and spray on the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Massage and comb without rinsing. Its formula is studied to enhance the lightness of the hair and leaves it free to move.

3. SHINY – Apply few drops of Charcoal Crystal on damp or dry hair, without rinse out. It gives hair back its pure beauty by protecting it from external daily aggression, adding instant softness, vitality and shine without weighing the hair down

4. PROTECTION – Finally for a complete “SMOG DEFENSE” use Stop-Pollution Spray. Spray it on hair after styling, or at any time during the day. It protects the hair and the style from external agents such as smog, particulates and heavy metals. It keeps hair healthy, glossy, protected and pleasantly fragrant.

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