Detox Treatment

Triple-Action Detoxifying Treatment:

Energizing, Purifying, Normalizing

Triple-action detoxifying treatment: energizing, purifying, normalizing. Detox Treatment gives the scalp a pleasant feeling of freshness, which reinvigorates and tones the treated area.


Spread on a dry scalp and massage with circular movements, pressing lightly to soften the scalp and improve the flow of blood. Do not rinse. Apply the most suitable shampoo.

Art. Code:

1020777: 150 ML

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Protects, illuminates, nourishes and strengthens hair. Rich in Vitamin E, natural potent anti-oxidant, acts as an anti-age barrier protecting hair from free radicals.


Effective nourishing and restructuring properties, restore body and weightless strength with incredible texture and brilliance.


Known for its miraculous smoothing properties, leaving hair silky soft and full of shine.


The key to our HAIR’s well-being and beauty lies in Nature, which for millennia has been generously offering humankind cures and medicines.

All Seliàr Therapy products are formulated with Essential Oils, a true natural concentrate of active principles with regenerating, stimulating or soothing properties. Obtained through the distillation of aromatic plants, Essential Oils are absorbed very quickly by the scalp, thanks to their high penetration power, to unleash their miraculous effect.

Each mix of Essential Oils is created to enhance the specific treatment of the scalp through a journey of the senses made of aromas and pleasant sensations, for total wellbeing of the body and mind.

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