Luxury Mask

Instant Moisturizing Mask

Dry, Dull and Dehydrated Hair

Enriched with a superb combination of Vitamins and Plant Oils performs 15 extraordinary actions in just a minute, thanks to the special Extra-Gloss technology. Leaves hair full of life, soft to the touch and with splendid shimmering reflections.

Performs 15 extraordinary actions in just 1 minute:

1. Brings an extraordinary laminated-look shine

2. Nourishes in depth

3. Hydrates intensely

4. Softens the hair without weighing it down

5. Brings body and texture

to the hair

6. Regenerates the appearance of the hair

7. Disentangles gently

8. Eliminates frizz

9. Enhances the reflections of color

10. Seals the cuticle

11. Smooths the hair

12. Creates a protective film for the hair

13. Facilitates styling

14. Effective anti-static action

15. Concentrated, instant action


Apply to the lengths and ends of shampooed, towel-dried hair and comb. Leave on for 1 minute, then rinse.

Art. Code:

1022763: 300 ML

1022764: 1000 ML

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